It’s October, and candy is everywhere. We may be your dentist, but we’re not a monster! So we won’t expect you to avoid all treats. That’s just not realistic. Still, some Halloween candy is better than others for your teeth.

It makes sense to select treats that are less likely to lead to cavities and other problems. This short video lists some candy that is especially bad for your dental health – and your overall health too. It also offers five much better options. The good news is, chocolate is one of the best choices you can make – especially when it includes ingredients like nuts, that give it added nutritional value. 

Another good tip included in the video is to keep candy out of sight. That lessens the temptation to overindulge!

We’re happy to offer advice on tooth-friendly snacks any time you visit us. We can also help you improve your oral hygiene routine. Just ask us about it at your next cleaning and exam. If it’s been more than six months since you’ve seen us, you should schedule your next visit. 

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